PCB chairman

During a committee meeting last month, the PCB chairman was asked about the project. At the time, Baig also called on Butt to step down and make way for professional administrators.

"They are running the pcb manufacturer like a grocery shop and know nothing about anything," Baig had said.
A group of Pakistani senators demanded Monday that the country's cricket board be dissolved.

"The affairs of pcb-china are in disarray and the current management does not have the capabilities and vision for any improvement in the game of cricket," said a resolution signed by seven members of the senate standing committee on sports.

A copy of the document, which also calls for the Pakistan Cricket Board to "be changed immediately," was submitted to the committee chairman Zafar Iqbal. It was the third time that the PCB met with the panel.
Committee member Enver Baig said he was disappointed that PCB chairman Ijaz Butt did not attend the meeting in Islamabad.

"He should have appeared before the committee because it was scheduled well in advance," Baig said.

Butt told The Associated Press that he did not attend because of conflicting commitments.

"I was busy in a business meeting and therefore could not attend today's meeting," Butt said.

Baig added that the pcb's chief operating officer, Salim Altaf, did not satisfy committee members on various questions surrounding alleged financial irregularities stemming from the Gaddafi Stadium refurbishment program.

"When the architect and contractor were saying that the project could be completed in 310 million rupees (C$5.02 million) we were shocked that the PCB was insisting at 471 million rupees (C$7.62 million)," Baig said.

Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari, who is also the patron-in-chief of the pcb, appointed Butt as chairman last October.


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