Once a prototype design is completed in the Multisim and Ultiboard circuit design tools, customers can easily order PCBs online, via Sunstone, on the NI Web site. NI provides Sunstone's DFM rules and file specifications of the Ultiboard layout tool, helping to ensure board designs will be manufactured correctly the first time. Customers who order through Sunstone may also access Sunstone's live customer support anytime, 24/7/365.

"Through the Sunstone ECOsystem design environment, our users can now access Web resources and technical documentation to easily fabricate their PCB prototypes," said Vincent Accardi, general manager at National Instruments Electronics Workbench Group. "Prototyping is now simpler than ever for NI customers due to the online ordering, quick prototype turnaround, and more than 35 years of experience that Sunstone brings to the PCB design process. NI has collaborated with Sunstone because we share the mission of simplifying the PCB design experience, and we are proud to have Sunstone Circuits as a part of our PCB design and prototyping network."

Sunstone ECOsystem Provides Best-in-Class Design Options

Sunstone Circuits (Sunstone), the printed circuit board (PCB) prototype solutions provider, has joined forces with National Instruments (NI) to offer an integrated PCB prototype and quick-turn design environment, enabling NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard customers to easily order prototype PCBs via the Sunstone ECOsystem (SM) Design Environment.

"Traditionally, the PCB prototype design process included barriers between the design flow and the prototype process. As a result, design problems often do not emerge until the fabrication phase, forcing costly and unnecessary redesigns," said Terry Heilman, president and CEO of Sunstone. "Through our collaboration with National Instruments, we provide resources, best practices and important manufacturing information to the engineer while they design-not after-which vastly improves productivity. It is yet another reason why Sunstone is the easiest PCB solutions provider to do business with."

Breaking down barriers in the PCB industry, the Sunstone ECOsystem improves the PCB prototyping process for designers, from concept to delivery, by integrating the four discrete segments of pcb manufacturer prototyping: knowledge, PCB designer expertise; tools, design packages and software; parts and libraries, sourcing and tracking of PCB components; and manufacturing, PCB manufacturing capability and expertise.

Through NI support and participation in the Sunstone ECOsystem design environment, Sunstone provides PCB prototype expertise to NI customers with a quick and simple online ordering method for PCB prototypes. Learn more about the National Instruments and Sunstone Circuits industry-leading collaboration

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