Valor Computerized Systems Ltd, a global provider of productivity-enhancing software solutions for the electronics industry, has been selected by Crystalaid pcb manufacturer, a specialist CEM in Australia, to provide vPlan - Valor’s next-generation, enterprise-level process engineering software solution for electronics assembly.

“As we deal with various sources CAD/CAM both new and legacy, we needed a software tool that can streamline processing this data for conversion to our SMT equipment.” stated Frank Faller, Operations Manager at Crystalaid. “vPlan has proven to take in all of the data we have presented and thanks to is graphically rich user interface together with its powerful functionality we can quickly get verified NC data ready for first time builds. This has enabled faster response to issues with customers supplied data enhancing our service and quotation response times. vPlan has become an intrinsic part of our business and we look forward to future enhancements on our system.”

pcbchina vPlan is a revolutionary solution for synchronized process engineering in an easy to use package. It is a single solution that delivers a complete, seamless engineering process from CAD to machine, covering SMT, Through Hole Technology and manual assembly. It also delivers complete comprehensive and synchronized Manufacturing Process Definitions (MPD) to the production floor, and automatically generates machine specific libraries on demand

Crystalaid Manufacture is an Australian, Brisbane- based company that provides a broad range of electronic manufacturing services to customers, especially military and medical products.

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