With global handset vendors including Nokia restocking their inventories by placing rush orders, Taiwan-based handset PCB makers are seeing increases in their shipments for February.

Unitech Printed Circuit Board noted that it has also received rush orders since January and its lead time has been reduced to two weeks from five weeks, the sources said.

However, Compeq and Unitech may still see losses in the first quarter because their utilization rates have dropped to around 50%, the sources said.

Compeq forecasts its handset pcb manufacturer shipments in 2009 to be lower than 180 million units in 2008. Unitech also expects its handset pcbchina shipments to decline slightly this year.

Since Compeq Manufacturing and Unimicron Technology are Nokia's major suppliers for high-density interconnect (HDI) boards, market sources expect both companies to have better sales in February and March thanks to the top vendor's rush orders.

Compeq has disclosed that orders have increased in February, so its sales in February and March will be better than expected.

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