Cut operational costs

Orbotech Ltd. today announced its focused program aimed at helping bare pcb manufacture to expand their business opportunities in today's challenging environment.

In addition, through its subsidiary, Orbograph Ltd., Orbotech develops and markets automatic check reading solutions to banks and other financial institutions, and has developed a proprietary technology for Web-based, location-independent data entry for check processing and forms processing; and, through its subsidiaries, Orbotech Medical Denmark A/S and Orbotech Medical Solutions Ltd., is engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of specialized products for application in medical nuclear imaging.

Featuring field-proven results for maximizing market share, minimizing costs and extending capabilities to advanced product manufacturing, the "Expand Your Business Opportunities" program highlights solutions for PCB manufacturers to achieve greater levels of productivity and performance. This includes clear advantages in laser direct imaging (LDI), laser plotting, inkjet legend printing, automated optical inspection (AOI), automated optical repair (AOR) and CAM/Engineering for mainstream and high density interconnect (HDI) applications.

"As the pcb manufacture industry deals with the realities of over-capacity, extreme pricing pressure and expansion freezes, there is a major drive to find ways to keep orders flowing in, cut operational costs and yet still continue with R&D to be prepared for the future," explained Hanan Gino, President of the PCB Division at Orbotech Ltd. "We are working closely with our customers to support their efforts by providing focused solutions that enable them to expand their business opportunities now with a solid return on investment—even in today's very difficult times. The responses we have received so far to this program have been very positive and give us good indications that this is the approach needed to help them overcome the obstacles of the current economic environment and ensure success going forward."

Utilizing Orbotech's high performance systems, manufacturers can maximize market share by gaining major improvements in production flexibility and time-to-sample, minimize costs a result of significant scrap pcb-china and material savings, shorter production processes and simpler operation, as well as extend their capabilities to advanced products by achieving the required pattern miniaturization, registration accuracy and traceability essential for producing premium-price panels.

Orbotech is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and service of yield-enhancing and production solutions for specialized applications in the supply chain of the electronics industry. Orbotech's products include automated optical inspection (AOI), production and process control systems for bare printed circuit boards (PCBs), imaging solutions for PCB production and AOI, test and repair systems for flat panel displays (FPDs). The company also markets computer-aided manufacturing and engineering (CAM) solutions for PCB production.

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