Start production

He said production would begin when the global economy recovered. “But we can say that we are here to stay in Penang,” he said.

Ibiden’s electronic division produces over US$1.8bil worth of PCBs a year.

The Ibiden group has pcb manufacturingfacilities in Hungary, France, China and the Philippines.

The plant in Bukit Minyak is the fifth and largest under the electronics division. Listed in Japan, Ibiden worldwide’s business includes manufacturing electronics substrate, diesel particulate filters, housing materials, and conducting research and development activities for electronic products.

Managing director Masahiko Yamamoto said the group had wanted to start production this year.

“We are now rescheduling the commencement of production because of the prevailing economic climate. We have to wait until the inventory of our customers drops first before we can start production,” he told StarBiz.

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